How Yext Works – Part 3: Dual-Sync


In Part 1 of our series on How Yext Works, we covered the Match and Lock process that occurs when a PowerListing is made. This process locks the business listing at each PowerListing network publisher, search engine, online directory, social platform and mobile app. Once a PowerListing has been locked, the Yext customer or professional marketer controls that information and all enhanced data and content for that listing until the Lock is removed. To understand what happens without the Lock, read Part 2 of our series, Without Yext.

In this third installment of our series, we want to cover how Yext is able to keep all of the name, address, phone, and rich business listing content constantly updated and correct at each of the PowerListings network sites, search engines, mobile apps, and more through our Dual-Sync technology.

So what is Dual-Sync for PowerListings and why is it important?

Dual-Sync is the direct one-to-one relationship that the Yext platform creates across its entire publisher network. Having Dual-Sync means that at over 50 different web and mobile search engines, directories, websites and more, the Yext platform has a direct connection that allows our clients to make changes and “sync” that NAP and enhanced content and data across the network.
how-yext-works-part-3For any business that has experienced the excruciating process of changing their hours of operation, their logo, their menu, or even their actual working address from site to site and app to app across the web, the benefits of Dual-Sync are obvious. Enter your changes through the Yext dashboard, and all of those changes are instantly synced across the Publisher network.

Dual-Sync continues to evolve and now incorporates rich enhanced content like menus, calendars of events, inventories, products, biographies, and just about any other content set a small business would want displayed across the web. Additionally, Dual-Sync for Facebook launched last month and has been an instant hit with Yext subscribers and partners. This direct connection across our PowerListings Publisher network makes certain that you only need to update this content in one place.

Dual-Sync not only means that we push the data and content out to the publishers, but we also receive feedback on the status of that information. While there are some nuances from publisher to publisher, this closed loop allows you to instantly know that your business listings, photos, logos, and enhanced content is showing up exactly where, how and when you want it to. Click here to see the Yext Network and the details around their Dual-Sync functionality.

Next week, we will cover the real-time nature of Dual-Sync and the Yext PowerListings Network and why that difference matters more and more.

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