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Yext Supports #STEMlikeagirl Event

The Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE) hosted an event this week called #STEMlikeagirl, designed to encourage young female students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (aka STEM). Yext sponsored the event along with Github, izone, RPI, and the NYC Department of Education.

The AFSE is a New York City high school focused on preparing students with innovative software engineering and computer science skills, in addition to individualized support and guidance, to help students achieve successful careers and create the next generation of software.

STEM Like a Girl

The event began with a panel focused on career growth, featuring one of Yext’s own engineers discussing her academic path and experience working as a web developer at Yext, and then moved on to a demo of the Muse’s brain-sensing headband. Afterwards the girls in attendance got the chance to chat with the panelists to ask questions and discuss their own personal career goals.

Big group picture

At Yext, we’re always proud to support women pursuing careers in the STEM fields. AFSE will be holding the next event on May 9th for middle schoolers and their parents to learn more about careers in Tech. #STEMlikeagirl

Yext at NY’s Uncubed Event

The NYC Tech Scene made a strong showing at #Uncubed last week. Our recruiters had a blast hanging out and chatting with top talent at our Keg & Karaoke lounge. We’re growing quickly so recruiting is a top priority! We have 275+ employees and are looking for new hires in all of our departments.
It was great to once again be a part of a recruiting event that showcases the most innovative tech companies in NYC that are disrupting their industries.
We were also excited to show off our new corporate branding and fun swag items!
If you couldn’t make it to the event but are still interested in applying to Yext, you can browse our open positions on our careers page or email your resume to jobs@yext.com.
We’re growing fast, and need the best talent to help us achieve our goals even faster!
Hiring Departments:
User Experience
Small Business
We look forward to hearing from you!
-Yext Recruiting Team

uWaterloo Alumni Tech Panel

On Tuesday evening, we opened up our office to uWaterloo co-op students and alumni working in the NYC area. Students gathered in the Yext headquarters to learn more about what it’s like to live and work in the New York tech scene, including jobs, housing, and social life.


Our panelists for the evening included (from left to right):

  • Shinji Kim, Product Manager at YieldMo
  • Matthew Eggertson, R&D Architect at AppNexus
  • Sean MacIsaac, CTO at Yext
  • Rakesh Malhotra, VP of Products at Apprenda
  • Jeromy Carriere, Engineering Director at Google
  • Michael Kane, VP of Product at Betterment


Sean acted as our panel moderator and covered a range of topics throughout the evening. He kicked off the event with a discussion about the differences between working in Canada versus the United States, and then progressed to a comparison of work environments on the East and West coasts. The panelists then transitioned into a conversation about choosing career paths in technology and finished the discussion with advice on how to develop yourself professionally.


Some of the tips that resonated with the audience were:

  • “Try as many things as you can… let it {your passion} find you” -Rakesh M.
  • “Engineering is not going away, it is only going to accelerate” – Sean M.
  • Always find mentors who can help guide you – unanimous

AWS User Group Meetup

This week, Yext hosted the NYC AWS User Group to discuss techniques enabling migration applications to AWS. Education technology company Knewton, had their own unique perspective on the topic and joined in on the presentation.

We started the evening with drinks and networking. One of the guests was overheard joking about our idea of “light refreshments.” At Yext, there is never a shortage of good eats.

Speakers included Yext’s CTO, Sean MacIsaac and Knewton’s Director of Platform, Trevor Smith.

Sean MacIsaac, kicked off the discussion with a presentation on how Yext Engineering uses MySQL replication with RDS to enable Yext’s migration to AWS.


Trevor Smith’s presentation on their migration from an in-house graph DB to Cassandra-backed Titan, raised a lot of questions.


Trevor’s key advice for the evening, ”spend a lot of time understanding your problem.”


ICBM Build System Launch Celebration

The Yext engineering team celebrated their first substantial contribution to the open source community with a talk and open house.  You can read more about the build system Ilia’s Crazy Build Machine in our more technical blog post.


We had over 90 RSVPs for the event, and a great turnout of software engineers, systems engineers and build engineers.


Austin Chu thanked Ilia Mirkin for his work in designing the build system, and then gave a technical overview of ICBM.

ICBM at Yext

Austin provided insight into why the Yext team build ICBM, how it’s used at Yext and how it can be used to build Java web applications.


After the talk, Yext provided dinner and office tours. Attendees had the opportunity to talk with Austin, Ilia and many others from the Yext team.

As a follow up, some attendees tried out ICBM on its GitHub page. And the discussion was kicked off in our Google Group.

The Yext engineers look forward to continuing to support ICBM. This is just the start of the Yext in the open source community.

An Evening with Yext and NYC Hacker Union

On Thursday, August 8, the Yext engineering team welcomed 100 software developers, hackers, and innovators as we hosted the NYC Hacker Union for a Hacker Forum at our Madison Square Park HQ.

HU 1

NYC Hacker Union organizer, Brandon Diamond, and Sean MacIsaac, CTO at Yext, welcomed the crowd and kicked off the event.


Left to right: Brandon Diamond, Sean MacIsaac.

The topic for the night was screen scraping, a technique to extract data from human-readable output on a website. The evening included three presentations:

  • Kevin Caffrey, Software Engineer at Yext, gave an overview of how Yext works and explained how they scrape sites to verify data accuracy on their 175,000+ active clients.

  • Cole Diamond, Program Manager at Microsoft, shared an anecdotal story from his hacker days at Columbia and explained that it’s important to conduct screen scraping in an ethical way.

  • Jonathan Dahan, Media Technology Developer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, demonstrated his api, scrAPI.org, and how he uses it to scrape data from the Metmuseum Collection.

Left to right: Kevin Caffrey, Cole Diamond, Jonathan Dahan.

Attendees asked great questions, made new friends, and enjoyed an array of food and drinks, provided by the Yext engineering team. Special thanks to Yext, NYC Hacker Union and Brandon Diamond for organizing a fun and informative event.


Want to hear about upcoming events? Join our mailing list, find us on Facebook, and follow @Yext and @HackerUnion on Twitter!

Revel Demo

We recently held an event at our office to demo Revel, a web framework for the language Go. Created by Yext Software Engineer, Rob Figueiredo, Revel is a high productivity web framework that makes Go easier to use and faster to build web applications on.

Revel provides routing, parameter parsing, validation, session/flash, templating, caching, job running, a testing framework, and even internationalization. And it was recently benchmarked to serve three to ten times as many requests as Rails across a variety of loads. No small feat.

Rob demoed to Yexters, friends, and members of the community before some food, drinks and foosball. Check out some pictures from the event:

-bCFrvEYmEh30vViVH74yIsYn8PUXYhRqxGSXVF9azgGo Gopher + Revel = Party

Fmp8Z4MG48CKeCaOJHsCgmeYXwtl7lvUlJ-l_TNNIagOur CTO, Sean, introducing Rob and Revel






mgdq6C373L0lZgSHeE8TVcSyPN8D6FFbu_YVKN-ZepwEveryone enjoyed food, drinks and foosball after the demo




CMU Meetup at Yext

Yext recently hosted a Meetup for Carnegie Mellon University Alumni from the Computer Science and Business programs. We had a blast connecting our engineering team, which includes of many CMU grads, with the greater CMU community in NYC.

Until next time!

Yext gear for attendees

Our CEO, Howard Lerman

Event organizers and Yext CTO, Sean MacIsaac

Now Supporting Android

A few weeks ago we announced our completely redesigned iPhone app, and as of today we also support Android. So now you can create and capture rich content to share on your listings right from your phone.

We all know people are going mobile – doing more on their mobile devices, finding information on the go – which means they can go more places. And, as a business owner, you are no different. So we designed our mobile apps to make doing your job easier.

Keeping your location information fresh drives engagement on your listings – in fact, listings with updated pictures receive 247% more clicks.

android 2

The new Yext Android app has nearly identical features to the iPhone app, and with them you can:

  • Apply custom filters to your photos

  • Create text posts

  • Share photos and add them to your photo album

  • Save your photos to your PowerListings gallery, to appear on your listings including Yahoo!, MapQuest, and Foursquare

Your customers want to see what separates your business from the competition, and our team of Yextoids made that easier for you. Download the app in the Google Play Store and check out our website for more information.

Capture Business Moments With Our New iPhone App

Your business isn’t defined by only your address, phone number or hours of operation. It’s when a customers visits for the first time, new products in stock or when someone finds what they need. These are the moments make up your business.

Capturing and sharing those experiences is the best way to engage your customers. In fact, listings with updated pictures receive 247% more clicks.

What to Share

For businesses, it’s clear that creative, ‘behind the scenes’ photos perform better than formal marketing pictures.  To reach and engage your customers, capture and share those business experiences. Take a photo of the new dish, product display, or seasonal sale.

You should share them where you customers are looking: social media and business listings. Adding them to your digital profiles makes your business look more appealing and active, so customers feel connected and compelled to choose you.

Your profiles will look more complete with photos and rich information, so they actually become your mobile presence.

Changing your website and optimizing for mobile is hard, but updating your profiles – where your customers are already looking – is a simpler and more effective solution for your mobile presence. And the photos of your business moments are the key to your mobile strategy.

Redesigned Yext iPhone App

  image_1  image  image_2

We knew we wanted to create a companion app as useful as the web product – because business doesn’t always happen in front of a computer screen. So we started from scratch and completely redesigned our iPhone app to make it easy to capture and share business experiences.

We ended up making the first of its kind business app for capturing and sharing content with customers. With it, businesses can:

  • Easily to capture photos of your business moments

  • Apply custom filters to make your photos look professional

  • Create text posts

  • Share your photos and add them to your photo albums

  • Optionally share the photos across your PowerListings Galleries

  • Set their profile picture and cover photo for your Facebook Page

The new iPhone app is available for download on the App Store here and is included in your PowerListings subscription. Once you have activated Yext Sync for Facebook, you can begin capturing and sharing the experience that define your business from the palm of your hand.

For more information, contact us at service@yext.com.