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Introducing Pages

Pages KV

2014 is the year mobile search is expected to surpass desktop search.  Since over half of mobile searches are local, this means GeoMarketers have a huge opportunity to reach customers in organic search.  

To help GeoMarketers reach even more local customers, today Yext is announcing Pages, a new product that allows marketers to easily create a store page site from local data and content already in Yext.  It’s Store Pages, ready right out of the box – and they work even better when integrated with your Listings.

Pages allows GeoMarketers to easily create web and mobile pages for each of their locations – in one directory site.  Powered by cutting-edge technology with built in SEO, you’ll be up and running in no time. All from the local data you already have in Yext.

  • Location Page: Unique websites for locations created with SEO optimization

  • Directory: Location directory build into your current website

  • Landing Page: Extend your campaign to the location level

Best of all, it’s completely integrated with your Listings and Social in the GeoMarketing Cloud, so you will maximize the performance of your local digital presence. Benefit from integrated Listings and Social in your organization and in your SEO.

This might not be the first you’re hearing of Pages. To help spread the news of Pages we created our biggest ever advertising campaign with AdAge and AdWeek.  Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot and our idea for the campaign here.

Yext_AdAge_Cover Adweek_Cover

Your brand’s Listings and Pages work better together.

To learn more about the benefits of an integrated approach to your local presence, please download this complimentary whitepaper by local SEO expert, Andrew Shotland, here.

Yext Launches “Pages” & International Support for 75 Countries

Yext - International World

Yext today launched Pages, a new product that allows marketers to publish their geo content from Yext Cloud to their own websites.   Yext also launched address support for 75 countries in native languages.

Pages lets marketers easily publish dynamic local info in their web and mobile sites.

Marketers can embed five kinds of widgets – calendars, menus, bios, product lists and social posts – with a snippet directly in their web sites.  Updates they make to their geocontent in Yext Cloud simultaneously appear in their listings, social networks, and now, their web pages.

“We created Pages to bring the local web page back to life.  There’s no reason why a local page shouldn’t be as current as a social network page,” said Howard Lerman, Yext’s co-founder & CEO.

“Today’s launch of Pages makes it possible for marketing organizations to deliver their geomarketing from Yext Cloud to the three most important local channels: listings (local search and maps), social, and now their own web and mobile pages.”

Pages: Social Posts appear on Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, and on a Web Page

Pages: Social Posts appear on Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, and on a Web Page

In addition to Pages, Yext today launched international address support for 75 countries, including 150 native languages.

Geodata for China & 74 Other Countries Now Supported in Yext Cloud

Geodata for China & 74 Other Countries Now Supported in Yext Cloud

“The world is local.  Today we take a major step towards enabling marketing organizations with a global footprint deliver their local message everywhere – regardless of borders or language.”

Both Pages and global address support are available immediately.  Log in or contact your Yext representative for more details.


Reinventing the business listing, with PowerListings+

Yext is the company you trust for showing your customers where your business is located.  And when customers look to local listings when going from researching online to purchasing offline, they care not only where businesses are, but why they should choose one business over another.

For example, if you’re looking for a rare book, you want to know not only the address of the used book store, but also if they have the edition in stock, as well as the price.

That’s why today’s local search is broken: everything is only designed to give you answers about where a business is. But to make a decision about what to buy, customers need answers to “What’s inside”?, “Who works there?”, and “When should they go?”

When we looked at the existing local search ecosystem, we knew we could create something better. We knew that people need and want rich, local content and that it has to be accurate.  We also know that businesses want to provide this content, but they can’t.

Today, Yext reinvents the business listing by adding rich content than answers the who, what and when of your business with PowerListings+.

PowerListings+ content lists differentiate business listings and search results to go beyond the where and show customers why they should visit:

      • Products/Services – The ultimate product display
      • Bios – Showcase who makes up your business
      • Menus – Add flavor to your local listings
      • Calendar – Improve your community RSVPs

We’ve always wanted to advance the world’s local discovery.  For our business customers, our publishing partners and ultimately end users who need answers to their questions.

In the past two years, we’ve provided our 50 publishing partners with over 2 million updates for more than 100,000 business locations, providing people with results on tens of millions of local searches.

Today’s reinvention of the business listing further enables our mission: To put perfect location information in every hand.

Find more information about PowerListings+ here or contact us!