The Yext Location Cloud
Location Cloud

One platform to manage all of your location data.

Your customer data has a source of truth. Your employee data does too. So why let your business location data be strewn across multiple systems and spreadsheets with conflicting information and zero integration?

The Yext Location Cloud is your source of truth for location data. Purpose-built for Location Data Management (LDM), its cloud-based, single platform architecture makes it easy to update your customers, partners, business systems, and entire organization when location data from your phone number to your special offers change. With centralized control, you deliver the local information search engines crave and mobile customers need right now.

Location Data Management
Yext Listings

Get found everywhere.
Yext’s integration-based partnerships with Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, and 100+ other digital endpoints power your location data everywhere customers engage with your brand.

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Yext Pages

Win every location search.
Push your brand to the top of location search results with SEO-optimized local pages, location finders, and more on your website and app.

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Yext Reviews

Star in location search.

Generate authentic reviews directly from your customers and make sure that your ratings across the PowerListings® Network are consistent and compelling so you win more business from location search.

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See how the award-winning Yext Location Cloud can help you reach your local customers.