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Advantage Dental Search Volume Increases by 7x in One Month with Yext Answers


Jan 28, 2021

2 min

The dental care organization also saw a 27.5% click-through rate within six weeks of launching Yext’s revolutionary search product.

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, today announced its success implementing Yext Answers, its revolutionary search product, on the website of Advantage Dental Oral Health Center, one of Oregon's largest dental care organizations.

Before collaborating with Yext, Advantage Dental did not have any site search functionality on its website. As such, answers to questions about the cost of procedures, location information, and paperwork requirements were typically delivered via patient phone calls into a local Advantage Dental practice.

Yext Answers's advanced natural language processing (NLP) and Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT)-powered search experience completely transformed Advantage Dental's website, giving the organization an easy way — for the first time — to see the questions patients were asking and answer them directly. With Yext Answers, patients can find now what they're looking for directly on Advantage Dental's Answers experience without having to bounce back to a third-party search engine or resort to a time-consuming phone call. Further, Advantage Dental now has insights into what patients are searching for, which gives them a real-time view into what is most top of mind with and how they can better accommodate their patients.

Within six weeks of launching Yext Answers, Advantage Dental experienced a 27.5% site search click-through rate. In just one month after making the search bar on its website more prominent, Advantage also saw search volume increase by 7.1x.

"We can't plan ahead for unexpected crises — like fires, snow storms, hurricanes, or a pandemic — but with Yext, we can rest assured that we're prepared with the right tools when those crises arrive," said Fred Menko, Vice President of Marketing at Advantage Dental. "The ability to manage information about our practices all in one place has been a huge efficiency for us. Months ago, it would have taken us hours to update and make it discoverable on our website and beyond — now, with Yext, we can do it in a matter of minutes."

"Patient expectations are drastically different in a COVID world, and healthcare organizations can no longer afford to have their website just look good," said Carrie Liken, Head of Industry for Healthcare at Yext. "The amazing success Advantage Dental has achieved with Yext Answers shows just what a difference investing in an enhanced site search experience and answering patient questions on the spot can make in driving patients to conversion."

Discover the full story of how Yext modernized Advantage Dental's search experience.

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