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Add Yext Answers to your Adobe-powered website.

If you are currently using Adobe Search and Promote, transitioning to Yext has never been easier. We are offering to match your current S&P pricing for a limited time so you can seamlessly migrate to Yext AI Search before the Search and Promote end-of-service date.

Add Yext Answers to your Adobe-powered website

In this time of change and uncertainty, consumers are asking more questions on businesses’ websites than ever before. In some categories, support tickets are up as much as 133%. Answering each one live is costly.

What if your website could understand natural language questions and provide direct answers, all while boosting conversion? It can — with Yext Answers.

Yext, a Premier partner in the Adobe Exchange program, enables websites built with Adobe Experience Manager Sites to answer consumers’ questions with our revolutionary search product, Yext Answers. Read on to learn more about how Yext can supercharge your website and maximize your Adobe investment.

Answer Customers' Questions

Deliver a cutting-edge search experience on your website that understands natural language questions, provides direct answers (not links), and paves the path from search to conversion.

Use Yext Answers to power a variety of onsite search experiences — from job finders to store locators, or even full site search — on your website built with Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Sync Product Data From Magento Commerce

Pave the way to conversion with a cutting-edge product search experience. Easily sync product data from Magento Commerce to the Yext Knowledge Graph so it’s automatically populated in your search experience.

Retain Traffic and Boost Conversion

Great search drives business results.

When your website answers your customers’ questions, they’re more likely to stay on your site, instead of bouncing to a search engine or a competitor.

And, customizable CTAs pave the path from search to conversion: early adopters have seen Yext Answers driving a 36% higher website conversion rate than legacy keyword-based search providers.

Reduce Support Costs

When your website can answer more customers’ questions, fewer of them will turn to your call center or live chat — saving you valuable resources, and allowing your support staff to focus on resolving complex issues.

Gain New Customer Insights

If you could see every question a customer asked on your website, would you adjust your content to better suit their needs?

Sync advanced search data from your Yext Answers experience with Adobe Analytics to see deep insights about your customers’ search journeys alongside your other business metrics.

Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

Get in touch to learn more about adding Yext Answers to your Adobe-powered website.

Deliver a better search experience to your visitors so you can convert them faster and grow your business. Add Yext Answers to your Adobe-powered website to receive:

  • A natural language search experience on your website
  • Dynamic results with CTAs optimized for conversion
  • Real-time insights to accelerate your marketing
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