Expanding our Network

I just saw an amazing demo from one of our engineers, Manoj Kintali.   Since closing our Series D financing, we’ve been focused on expanding the Yext Network for our customers.  In fact, we plan to add over 50 sites and mobile apps by the end of the year.  The best thing is that the new partners we’re adding are adopting our brand new real-time listings architecture.  This new architecture allows us to exchange listings information and business content with our partners instantly, which is a quantum leap forward for the entire listings ecosystem.   Businesses get to update and change their info right away, publishers get the most accurate and enhanced content for the users, and, of course, end users get the best information so they can make great decisions.

Manoj just give me a demo of this new system with two test partners and it actually worked.  We took a picture of our office from an iPhone (shown here), published it, and it was immediately up on the correct business listings on both beta partners sites and mobile apps – instantly.  There is no question that real-time updates are the future of listings, and, and while we aren’t totally there yet, coming off the heels of two record days in a row in terms of new PowerListings subscriptions at Yext, we look forward to being an enabler of real-time listings for the entire ecosystem.


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