Princeton University Gets Hit by the Listing Problem

At Yext HQ there is a friendly competition amongst the employees regarding which employee alma mater will be best represented. Right now, I believe that MIT and Princeton are tied at 6 a piece with Carnegie Mellon nipping at our heels.

As a Tiger myself, I’m proud to represent my school, not shy to wear a bright orange polo or drink my coffee from a Princeton coffee mug. So when a co-worker of mine pointed out the recent Google results page for the search term “Princeton University” I was angered by what I saw.

Prominently displayed in the Google results was the description of Princeton University as “Full of Shit University.” This is yet another example of why business owners and institutions need to be in control of their data instead of relying on data aggregators or crowd sourced information. If Princeton had complete control over their local information, you better believe this would have never happened.

Maybe this year when asked to donate to Princeton I’ll offer them a PowerListing instead of money.

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