How Yext Works – Part 4: Real-Time

Wrapping up our four part series on How Yext Works, we now turn our attention toward the nature of real-time data updates, the value they present to every business, and how Yext’s solution is completely unique in this ability. Thus far, we have covered the Match and Lock process of a PowerListing, how Yext’s Dual-Sync technology works, and what happens to NAP and business listings without Yext. Today we are going to look at the real-time nature of Yext PowerListings and what that means to businesses. We often get questions on how valuable real-time data is or is not, and it’s an important topic to discuss when trying to understand the value of Yext.

Yext’s PowerListings service is a real-time service. When a change is made inside of the Yext platform to a business listing or the enhanced content around products, services, menus and more, those changes are available instantly through the Dual-Sync technology between Yext and each publisher on the PowerListings network.

Is patience always a virtue?

There is an old saying that “patience is a virtue”, but to be honest, it doesn’t seem like one. Additionally, I can’t remember the last time I was ever pleased to hear something would actually take longer in business, and I certainly haven’t had a client in any memory say, “Wow, thanks!” when I told them that a request was going to take 2 months verse 2 minutes. For some perspective, let’s look at the typical time process for submitting data through data aggregators or publisher sites verse controlling your data through Yext PowerListings.

how-yext-works-part-4While this diagram is for illustrative purposes only, and it certainly doesn’t cover all the details at each data aggregator or publisher, it is meant to show a typical process that may be employed to take NAP business listing data and get it properly and perfectly listed across the web. The ranges of time that it takes to get a business listing through each data aggregator or publisher varies widely, but it is safe to say it can take months as documented on Mike Blumenthal’s post, “Citations – Time to Live”. But, honestly, that doesn’t really even highlight the biggest time burden or problem facing a business trying to solve business listings issues.

At the bottom of the diagram, you will notice a large “MAYBE” next to a large “YES”, and herein lies the biggest differences between submitting data over vast amounts of time and controlling your business listing information through Yext PowerListings. No matter when or how often you submit your data through other pathways, the ultimate answer is that “MAYBE” this will correct, replace, update, or change your business listing data. This issue is well documented territory covered by Andrew Shotland and Greg Sterling and also through our Yext Quarterly publication. Data submission must continuously be made, because at any point in a data aggregator or publisher or search engine’s normal compilation process, your business listing information can (and probably will) be overwritten. This situation means that you must resubmit your information and hope that maybe it will eventually update the end publications or presentations of your business listing online.

Now that we’ve covered why not having Real-Time control over your data is severely problematic, let’s turn our attention briefly to how wonderful having Real-Time control over business listing and enhanced content really is.

Through the Real-Time control of your data provided by Yext PowerListings you can:

  • Add new products, services, and menu updates instantly

  • Change your hours of operation mid-day to take the afternoon off and let the world know about it across the web

  • Offer everyone on the planet a free smoothie with their lunch order for the next 15 minutes, and 15 minutes only

  • Capture a great new client experience or completed project and share it instantly across the web and on Facebook

  • Even officially declare the opening of your new business location by cutting the ribbon on the front door and hitting “submit” on your new PowerListing simultaneously

The bottom line is that Real-Time data control is of paramount importance to business listing information and, more importantly, the businesses they represent. This reliance on Real-Time will only grow over the coming months and years as more and more customers will come to expect that your information is up to date, accurate, and everywhere. With Yext, the Dual-Sync integrations across the PowerListings Network combined with the Match and Lock process ensure that businesses are in control of their information at all times, in Real-Time.


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