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If you make an update to your brand’s digital knowledge, and you don’t have a record of that action, does it help your career? How can you get credit for something nobody knows has happened? Did someone steal your coconut water? Do you even exist?

These are worrying questions, to be sure. So we’ve worked hard to help you find answers (at least to some of them). With our upgraded Yext Analytics offering, we set out provide you with an easily accessible log of all actions that occur within your Yext account. And while we still can’t prove with 100% certainty that you exist (you probably do), or help you find your coconut water (check the freezer?) — whether you’re a brand marketer or a Yext Partner — we can help you better demonstrate your value at work.

Report on your activity.

If you work with Yext, you already know that your digital knowledge has to be managed actively. This isn’t a one-time fix. But how can you communicate that value to your managers and coworkers? To your clients? Our new Activity Report shows all the work that Yext does on your behalf to make sure that your information stays up to date and consistent across the web.

The Yext Activity Report is a comprehensive, reverse-chronological feed of everything that happens in your account. In it, you’ll be able to see how many duplicates have been suppressed, which new listings have gone live, how many profile updates have been made, and much more.

4. Demonstrate your value
Track your activity. Prove your value.

How to use Activity Report

  • Corporate marketers
    Show the value of your choice to work with Yext, and justify your spend to higher-ups.
  • Yext Partners
    Show your customers all the work you’re doing on their behalf.

You’ll see data from the Activity Report in your Report Builder, so you can slice and dice it any way you’d like. Export the log of your activity to a CSV to share it quickly with customers or management, or add data to any Dashboard to get an up-to-date picture whenever you’d like.

The features listed above are now available in beta for Yext users. For more information about Yext Analytics and the other features in the Spring 2017 product release, request a demo or sign up for our webinar on March 23rd. Yext Partner? Sign up for the webinar here.


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