Yext Spring 2017 Release Webinar: Analytics, Intelligent Search Tracker, and More


In today’s mobile-first world, your brand doesn’t just live on your website. It also lives across maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, social networks, and more. Until now, it’s been difficult to see every place your brand lives — let alone track or measure how consumers engage with it.

As intelligent search empowers consumers to find and interact with businesses, understanding and optimizing how your brand appears online requires deep comprehensive analysis. As part of our Spring 2017 release, we’ve redesigned our Analytics platform to provide businesses with the metrics they need to tackle this challenge. We’ve also added four new features to drive customer engagement and give businesses more control over how their brands appear on the web.

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, March 23, featuring our Chief Strategy Officer, Marc Ferrentino, Analytics Product Manager, Max Shaw, and Senior Data Strategist, Zahid Zakaria. Attendees will learn more about the groundbreaking features from our Spring 2017 release, including how:

  • Our new Intelligent Search Tracker shows not just rank but share of intelligent SERP
  • To create Customized Dashboards and reports to keep every level of your organization informed
  • Scheduled Updates make it easier than ever to optimize your brand’s digital knowledge
  • Facebook Calls-to-Action offer new opportunities to drive revenue and engagement
  • Yelp Publisher Suggestions give you even more control of your brand

Register to attend the webinar on March 23 at 1pm ET.

If you’re a Yext Partner and would like to help you clients use these new Yext features, register to attend the Partner-specific webinar on March 23 at 2:30pm ET.

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