New Whitepaper: How Mortgage Lenders Can Win in a Digital World

The mortgage industry is at an inflection point. Interest rates are up over last year and market uncertainty is creating new urgency for homebuyers to lock in a mortgage while rates remain low. This urgency is driving buyers into the market, creating a huge opportunity for lenders.

With 90% of all homebuyers searching online for their home, and 42% of this group using the Internet as their first step in the homebuying process — before contacting an agent — the time is now for the mortgage industry to ensure their data is consistent and accurate everywhere consumers search.

Download our latest whitepaper, How Mortgage Lenders Can Win in a Digital World, and discover how:

  • With physical locations, mortgage lenders have an edge, and how you can use this to your advantage to drive consumers to your branch offices
  • Accurate, relevant, and consistent online data can help you rank higher in search
  • Mobile and AI are driving millennial homebuyers online to search for their first home
  • To optimize your business by creating local pages for each of your offices and officers built with best practices
  • Yext for Mortgage can help you streamline and optimize your information so that you appear with correct, consistent information no matter where customers search — increasing both trust and your business pipeline.

With the right digital strategy, you’ll be able to command the mortgage search landscape in a way that online lenders aren’t able, and which most local lenders aren’t utilizing. 

See first-hand how the Yext Knowledge Engine can help you better manage your digital knowledge and attract more customers.

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