Yext Appoints Eiji Uda to Lead Yext in Japan

Yext, the global digital knowledge management provider, announced today that it has hired industry veteran Eiji Uda as Chairman and CEO of Yext in Japan. Uda leads Yext’s Japanese entity, Yext KK, based in Tokyo.

One of Japan’s leading cloud computing experts, Uda brings over three decades of enterprise technology experience to his position, including as founder and CEO of Unified Service Corporation and ten years as president and CEO of Japan. Prior to his time at Salesforce, Uda was president and CEO of Softbank Commerce Corporation, and served for twenty years at IBM, holding several leadership positions. He currently serves as outside director of Transcosmos Inc. and as an executive advisor to Zuora.

“Businesses in Japan and around the world are adapting to the platform shift from mobile to intelligent services powered by digital knowledge,” said Howard Lerman, Co-founder and CEO of Yext. “As Japanese businesses embrace digital knowledge management to reach their customers, we’re proud to welcome an experienced leader like Eiji Uda to drive our growth in Japan.”

The opening of Yext’s Tokyo office is a key milestone for the company, marking the first time Yext’s platform will be available to businesses headquartered in Asia.

“Every major category of business data, from customer relationship management to workforce data needs a platform of record for businesses to control their information and leverage it for growth. Yext is the founder and authoritative platform for digital knowledge management,” said Uda. “I am excited to join Yext and bring this transformative technology to Japan as businesses prepare for the Intelligent Future.”

“Uda-san is hands-down the most experienced SaaS executive in all of Japan and single-handedly accelerates our ability to bring digital knowledge management to businesses there,” said Jim Steele, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Yext. “We could not be more excited to welcome someone so talented and experienced to lead our team.”

For the latest from Yext in Japan, visit

For the latest from Yext in Japan, visit

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