Free Webinar: Are You Playing the Knowledge Card?

Google and other intelligent services are increasingly serving up local packs, knowledge cards, and other forms of structured answers instead of the 10 blue links we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. Page rank has been the metric of choice for search marketers in the past, but what happens when those links are replaced by new types of results? 

We built the Intelligent Search Tracker to help businesses measure their rank in this new era. On Tuesday, August 15, join renowned SEO Expert Duane Forrester and Advance Auto Parts’ Director of Digital Marketing & Innovation, Heath Bradbury for a webinar to learn:

  • How Advance Auto Parts is using Yext’s Intelligent Search Tracker to optimize their digital strategy

  • How intelligent services like Amazon’s Alexa and Siri are changing search?

  • How the Intelligent Search Tracker helps measure performance in the new era of intelligent search

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Learn more about the Intelligent Search Tracker during our upcoming webinar on August 15.

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