One Big Secret to Local Marketing

Most small business owners have to wear every hat in their company. Whether it’s product, services, sales, marketing, customer service, operations, HR … there is always something that requires your attention. You barely have a free moment in your day to work on learning something new or trying to do something outside of your skill set. Marketing often falls to the wayside as there are so many shifting priorities, and the internet is always changing. Keeping up on best practices in digital marketing can also be a full-time job.

We’re here to help.

We’re teaming up with Small Business Trends to curate a series of business tips to help you as a small business owner quickly and effectively market your business locally. The content will be focused on how small businesses can find, acquire, and maintain customers, and will be curated by our Director of Small Business Success, Rev Ciancio.

Rev serves as the Director of Small Business Success at Yext, where he helps small businesses reach local customers with the help of Yext’s products and services. Rev is not only a Yexter, but he has also owned and operated a small business that could’ve benefitted from solutions like Yext. He has also run a Yext Certified Partner Agency where he helped small businesses with their digital marketing needs.

Over his 20+ year career, he has managed business development, digital marketing, and social media strategies for a wide range of entertainment and hospitality companies. When not preaching the gospel of Digital Knowledge Management, you can find Rev discussing the virtues of what makes a truly great hamburger on his Instagram account, @revciancio and hospitality marketing tips on his blog, Burger Conquest.

Let’s get started. Check out this video interview featuring Rev Ciancio and Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends where Ramon Ray gets them to reveal what’s changed in local marketing and what small business can do to harness the power of digital marketing.


Check out The ONE Big Secret of Local Marketing on Small Business Trends to learn 10 key points to remember when marketing your small business online.

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