Heard at ONWARD: Voice Search Changes Everything

Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, and other voice-enabled tools will command 50% of search by 2020. At ONWARD, we welcomed Jing Cao (Bloomberg Tech Reporter), Ed Doran (Co-Founder, Cortana; Director, Program Management, MSR Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft) and Wally Brill (Senior Persona Designer, Adecco at Google) to discuss how voice search will impact your business’s local search engine marketing strategies, and how digital knowledge management is the key to helping you adapt.

During their fireside chat, Brill and Doran touched upon recent changes to voice-enabled technologies, as well as the importance of understanding the consumer journey and how technology shapes their lives. 

“The customer is constantly evolving,” Doran said. “As brand experts and marketers, you know your customers better than anybody else.” 

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