Heard at ONWARD: Steward Health Care and HCA Find Success with Yext

At ONWARD 17, we hosted a series of sessions featuring Yext customers in conversation with Yext leaders. We asked them about their thoughts on the Intelligent Future, discussed recent changes in their field, and discovered how they’ve found Success with Yext.

During this breakout session, Yext’s own Carrie Liken (Head of Industry, Healthcare) sat down with Hospital Corporation of America’s Josephine Durbin (Director of Digital Marketing Operations), and Steward Health Care’s Colleen Walsh (Digital Marketing Consultant). Together, they discussed the state of digital knowledge in the healthcare industry — and how the Yext Knowledge Engine is helping them to improve the patient experience.

Both Durbin and Walsh spoke about urgent care in the age of “near me” searches. They explained that when a patient needs to find a hospital, physician, urgent care center, or other healthcare provider, there isn’t time for them to go to the wrong address or call the wrong phone number.  


Liken, Durbin, and Walsh discuss the constantly changing healthcare landscape at ONWARD.

“When those listings were incorrect, we would have ambulances end up in a field because the map has the wrong address,” explained Durbin. “We now have one rockstar listing management system. Thanks to Yext, it’s all in a centralized place.”

Over the past year, HCA has seen a 397% increase in Google search impressions, and has generated 13 million Google customer actions.


HCA and Steward Health shared how they have used Yext to manage their strategic challenges related to managing provider data and supporting mergers, acquisitions, and rebrands.

For every 100 doctors powered by Yext, Steward schedules 3,000 appointments annually.

“We think about ourselves as a local care system,” Walsh said of Steward Health Care. “Yext lets us bring new provider information into the Steward system instantly, which means we can keep the local communities up-to-date.”

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