Insights From the Intelligent Future: 15 Big Ideas from ONWARD 17

ONWARD takeaways

For 20 years, the web was the centerpiece of every digital experience, and it was fueled by blue links on a page. Today, billions of people around the world are being connected by voice search, digital assistants, augmented reality, chatbots, and intelligent services. This is the intelligent transformation.

While you can’t control the AI or the UI of the intelligent services that consumers are using to search for businesses like yours, you can control the information they know about you — which means you can control what they say about you.

At ONWARD 17, we brought together the smartest minds in marketing and technology to help us explore how AI, digital assistants, and intelligent services will shape our world in the years to come. Experts from some of today’s leading brands and tech companies — including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and HubSpot — shared their insights into this intelligent transformation, and former CTO of the United States Megan Smith challenged us to harness the power of technology, data, and innovation to create a more inclusive world. Actor and Jedi, Mark Hamill’s closing keynote inspired us all to keep taking steps towards our dream, and to work hard even when the odds seem stacked against you.

In our latest guide, Insights From the Intelligent Future: 15 Big Ideas from ONWARD 17, you’ll find some of the groundbreaking insights we heard at ONWARD 17 that will inspire the bets, explorations, and goals you set for your organization in 2018.

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Discover groundbreaking insights from ONWARD 17. Download our guide.

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