Rev Ciancio and Duane Forrester Break Down Digital Knowledge Management on The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Marketing Buzzwords

Our own Rev Ciancio (Director, Industry Insights) and Duane Forrester (VP, Industry Insights) recently helped define Digital Knowledge Management (DKM) on the Marketing Buzzword Podcast. The Marketing Buzzword Podcast is an on-demand radio show that aims to debunk or demystify common business buzzwords and phrases.

During their discussion, Rev and Duane, alongside host Ben Roberts, discussed the genesis and evolution of the term Digital Knowledge Management defined as managing all the facts consumers seek about a brand’s people, places, and products, including locations, holiday hours, in-store promotions, parking entrances, professional credentials, and more.

The three also explored why businesses should care about DKM, the role a manager of Digital Knowledge plays within an organization, and the skills necessary to be successful in such a role.

Listen to the full podcast now and discover the value DKM can bring to your business.



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