Google’s Latest API Update: Specify Service Items for Your Business

On April 27th 2020, Google launched version 4.6 of its Google My Business (GMB) API for business locations. This update includes improvements to how your business can specify the Services that you offer.

So what are Service Items?

When consumers want something, they tend to search for a business by typing in specific services or attributes — not a brand name. For example, instead of using a branded search like “Dee’s Doughnuts,” consumers may ask questions like “where is a dessert shop near me that delivers cakes?” To be successful, your business needs to show up as an answer when consumers ask these types of questions. 

To help Google understand that your business provides a service relevant to what someone has searched for, you can now specify the services you offer on your Google My Business profiles. This can be found on the Services tab in Google My Business. 

Depending on your category, Google may suggest a few service items to start you off. You may additionally create your own custom service items, along with a price and description of that item.

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