Yext Rotational Program

At Yext, we believe that the ability to learn is not fixed, and that isn’t only ingrained in our business model, but also with our employees. That is why we built the Upward Rotation Program — a program crafted to accelerate employee development through exposure to multiple facets of the business.


Program Overview

Throughout the 18-month program, analysts will rotate every six months through participating teams and collaborate on various projects. During the first rotation, all analysts will become a certified Yext platform administrator through our Hitchhiker program. Matching for the second and third rotations will be based on skills, personal interests, and career goals, which means each analyst's path is a personalized journey. After completion of the program, participants will walk away with a foundational understanding of our platform, a resume chock-full of hands-on experience, and be eligible for permanent placement.

Rotations Include:

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  • Customer Success Strategy & Operations
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Engineering
  • Sales Operations
  • Strategic Alliances
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  • App Directory Partnerships
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Customer Insights & Analytics
  • Data Partnerships
  • Hitchhikers - Certified Yext Platform Administrators
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • User Experience
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  • Growth Operations
  • Strategic Marketing
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  • Business Intelligence & Integrations
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology

Upward creates an environment that encourages you to explore your ideas, play to your strengths, and pursue learning with genuine curiosity. The result is more than a job — it's a community that feels impactful, personal, and truly fulfilling!

Sanjukta Santra, Upward Class 2

Having no experience working in tech before Yext, this was the perfect gate-way for me to jump in and figure out where I could make an impact based on my personal interests, skills, and experience.

Fedrick Finjap, Upward Class 1

The best part of Yext is that the grass is actually greener on the other side — it's hard to find a place where you enjoy the people and the work. People at Yext are passionate, driven, and push to make you a better professional and person.

Susie Xu, Upward Class 1

Having limited exposure to the Tech industry prior to joining Yext, the Upward program opened my eyes to a world of opportunity. As part of Upward, you’ll be encouraged to pursue your interests and broaden your network as you determine where you can make the biggest impact.

Austin DaCunha, Upward Class 2

Frequently Asked Questions

When will applications for Upward’s sixth class open?

Applications will open in March 2021.


What qualities make a successful Upward applicant?

Upward is an experienced hire rotational program (1+ years of professional & non-internship experience post-graduation) for professionals who are looking to make an impact at a growing technology company. We are looking for solutions-oriented, self-starters who demonstrate strong leadership skills, as well as a proactive approach to problem-solving.


What kind of training is available?

As part of Upward, you will go through a robust onboarding boot camp within your first month of the program. The onboarding boot camp will provide you with a foundation of Yext’s products, processes, and people. In addition to onboarding, we’ll provide extensive on-the-job training during each rotation. You will have access to all Yext resources, as well as “sidekicks” on each team to ensure you are exposed to all facets of the business.


What is a sidekick?

At the beginning of each rotation, analysts are matched with a sidekick to serve as a mentor, provide constructive feedback, and offer continuous career support.


What happens at the end of the program?

When the 18 months are up, analysts will interview for the teams they are interested in for their final placement. Following the interviews, all analysts will go through a placement review, which evaluates their team selections as well as rotation performance to ultimately determine the best match.