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NYX Professional Makeup Drives Stronger Engagement With Yext

200% year-over-year growth in listing clicks
228% year-over-year growth in direction clicks
260k clicks from 6,000 queries
35+ retail stores and inside 10,000+ retail partners
Los Angeles
The Challenge
With widespread misinformation about its brand and stores across the web, NYX Professional Makeup needed a solution to take control of its brand's voice.

NYX Professional Makeup is a modern, digitally native makeup brand on the forefront of today’s emerging beauty trends. A leader in the global color cosmetics industry, the company provides an affordable professional makeup line focused on providing every shade, color, and tool needed to create makeup artistry.

NYX Professional Makeup, part of L’Oreal, works with 10,000+ retailers across North America, and operates 35+ free-standing stores.

The Challenge

NYX Professional Makeup wanted to improve its website’s Store Locator function.

But the brand faced a problem. Due to confusion with other branches of the NYX brand, it needed to ensure that the correct brand identity was updated across all parts of the web where consumers might discover NYX Professional Makeup. Preventing consumer confusion was paramount.

“When someone was searching for us online, we might appear as NYX or NYX Cosmetics, and that might not be the right location to find NYX Professional Makeup,” said Hannah O’Neill, Assistant Manager, Marketing: CRM & Loyalty. “That was a big problem we needed to deal with urgently.”

O’Neill explained that the company wanted to gain control of its brand information and specific location listings as it began working with an outside partner to support online appointments.

As it considered that vendor relationship and other potential services to drive business, NYX Professional Makeup looked to Yext to help it manage brand information across its many retail relationships.

“We also found that we had so much data related to our 10,000 retail partners, but none of the third parties we worked with were able to help us understand and manage it seamlessly,” O’Neill says. “Yext became our source of truth in terms of working with outside vendors.”

The Solution

Before the company partnered with Yext, finding the right NYX Professional Makeup outlet or retail partner was a challenge. The brand wasn’t even on Yelp in the period prior to signing on with Yext. Control of the brand and its online placements was largely in the hands of its shoppers. The result was that listings and critical business information were incoherent and ad hoc.

“Customers were creating their own store pages on Yelp, they were creating their own Facebook pages,” O’Neill said. “They could have ‘NYX Union Square’ as a Facebook page. They could also have ‘NYX Professional Makeup Union Square’ as a page. It was technically the same place, but the naming was wrong. The hours and other information also tended to appear incorrectly.”

Upon signing on with Yext, NYX Professional Makeup’s branded outlets and owned locations were swiftly and seamlessly corrected.

Over time, NYX Professional Makeup deepened its partnership with Yext, ultimately taking advantage of Yext’s full capabilities. NYX Professional Makeup also generates first-party customer reviews on its individual store pages, boosting customer engagement and store visibility.

The Results

Since launch, NYX Professional Makeup has experienced 200% year-over-year growth in clicks on their listings. This includes 228% year-over-year growth in direction clicks, 188% year-over-year growth in website clicks, and 160% year-over-year growth in phone call clicks. With Yext, NYX has driven 260k clicks captured from over 6,000 different queries.

“There is so much rapid change in retail that we might not have that visibility into what’s working and what’s not among the larger space. But Yext is always on top of it, which is great for us as a client.”
Hannah O’Neill Assistant Manager, Marketing: CRM & Loyalty

The Difference

“Since our products are featured at thousands of retailers in North America, as well as our free-standing stores, it’s extremely important that customers searching for us are able to find us as easily as possible,” O’Neill said. “Pre-Yext, we had all this data floating around that could come up when a customer searched. Was that data accurate, though? Probably not. Yext ensures that our brand information accuracy is constant. That allows us to maintain a positive connection with our shoppers.”

“Yext is a complete online-to-offline search experience cloud. We simply input the correct data into Yext, and then from there, they’re able to ensure the information about our locations is correct across the board.”

In addition to accurate listings and up-to-date store locator information, O’Neill praised the Yext Search Experience Cloud for giving NYX Professional Makeup an, “open line of communication,” when it comes to promoting greater innovation.

“If there’s something happening within the industry that we’re not aware of that could boost our presence or that could boost our store pages, they bring that information to our attention and demonstrate how we might benefit from adopting a new tool, or technology, or strategy,” O’Neill said. 

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