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Tailored Brands Partners with Yext to Share Brand Verified Information with Shoppers

19% increase in listing clicks
15% increase in clicks for directions
42% increase in website clicks

1,500+ stores worldwide
Houston, Texas
The Challenge
Tailored Brands needed a solution to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date store information across search experiences.

Industry Challenge

Tailored Brands is the largest specialty retailer for men’s suits and tuxedo rental product in the United States and Canada. Today, the holding company has more than 1,500 stores. Among the company’s impressive roster of brands are Men’s Wearhouse, JoS. A. Bank, Moores Clothing for Men, Joseph Abboud, and family retailer K&G Fashion Superstore.

Men’s formalwear is a highly specialized industry, with consumers often searching for very specific items in the moment to find a nearby store with trusted, high-quality clothing. In this environment, Glenn Zabal, Senior SEO Manager, makes sure his team’s digital marketing and search strategy is optimized for mobile performance. “We had over 60 million online visits last year, of which more than half were from mobile,” he explains. “So mobile is very important for us.”

The Challenge

Zabal’s team put in a lot of effort to ensure the website was responsive and otherwise optimized for mobile. But one critical piece was still missing — the ability to give customers the most up-to-date information no matter where they looked. “The most important aspect for us is data accuracy for all of our stores,” he explains. “Making sure all of the critical facts, including NAP information — that’s store names, addresses, phone numbers — is up-to-date is essential.”

The team’s challenge stemmed from a lack of accurate and consistent brand information across the web. “We used several other vendors in the past who used the aggregator method of submitting, but we felt like the updates weren’t in real time or instantaneous,” Zabal says. “That’s one of the most important pieces for us. So we were looking for a company that had direct connections to Google and all of the major publishers, instead of using the aggregator method, which may take up to a couple of days. We also wanted a company that had a centralized, enterprise-level analytics and reporting dashboard that we could reference. Only Yext met all of our requirements.”

“Customers looking for suits or other menswear are often on-the-go,” he continues. “Over half of our online visits were from mobile last year, and they’re looking for a nearby store they trust — often for a highly specific item, like a belt or a shirt of a specific color. Capturing that consumer is all about reaching them in the right moment with the latest information, and for us that means we need to control and update our brand information across the web in as close to real time as possible. Having our hours and other store information up to date is extremely important to getting the customer the last mile to our door.”

The Solution

Tailored Brands signed up with Yext and quickly gained the rapid control they needed — ensuring crucial brand information, from locations to hours, was accurate and consistent across search experiences. “We use the API to automatically, and almost instantaneously, update all of the major publishers,” Zabal says. “In one of our stores, there was a flood and we had to mark it closed on all of the major publishers. We didn’t have to wait overnight. We could automatically do it. That immediacy, that’s what sets Yext apart.” Ensuring that customers would not be sent to a closed store during the flood was a crucial catch in an industry where customer experience is key to brand trust.

“The technology and the leadership have been top notch,” he says. “The service is definitely on the enterprise level. It’s a real competitive advantage.”

The Results 

Prior to launching with Yext, Tailored Brands saw its search visibility increase by only 5% year-over-year. After verifying, fixing, and optimizing their listings presence with Yext, the company’s total Google Search Views jumped 20% higher than the previous year — an incremental lift of 15%. Since launch, Tailored Brands has experienced 19% year-over-year growth in listing clicks. This includes 15% year-over-year growth in clicks for directions, 42% year-over-year growth in website clicks, and 15% year-over-year growth clicks-to-call.

“In one of our stores, there was a flood and we had to mark it closed on all of the major publishers. We didn’t have to wait overnight. We could automatically do it. That immediacy, that’s what sets Yext apart.”
Glenn Zabal Senior SEO Manager
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