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Tranquilidade Delivers Brand Verified Answers Everywhere with Yext

70% year-over-year growth in clicks on agent listings
71% year-over-year growth in phone call clicks
94% year-over-year growth in clicks to get directions
400+ Agents
Lisbon, Portugal
The Challenge
Tranquilidade, the second largest insurance provider in Portugal, sought a better way to manage individual pages and listings for its 400+ agents — boosting search visibility and driving more clicks as a result.

Tranquilidade is the second largest insurance provider in Portugal, offering diverse types of insurance including car, home, and life insurance. The brand sells insurance through its individual agents rather than through direct stores, and they have acquired several other brands as the company has grown rapidly in recent years.

The Challenge

With recent acquisitions and more than 400 working agents, Tranquilidade boasts a significant presence in Portugal and across the Açores islands. But working without traditional stores presented a challenge in that Tranquilidade needed to improve its search performance not just for the brand itself, but for its individual agents who could serve customers’ needs in local markets.

Tranquilidade needed a better way to consistently manage their information, communicate their offerings to potential customers, and to have their local agents surface in search results at moments of high intent when customers are ready to purchase insurance.  

“We sell insurance through agents so we don’t have direct stores — all the insurance we sell is through agents,” says André Taxa, Head of Brand & Communication at Tranquilidade. “We realized that many of our agents were lagging behind in terms of digital. Some of them had a website developed by themselves with old technologies like using Flash, and it was not consistent in terms of brand identity. We also noticed they were lacking a presence on key sites like Google My Business. We needed a better way to deliver a consistent brand experience overall while still driving key leads to the right individual agents.” 

The Solution

Yext allows Tranquilidade to create and manage individual pages for each of their agents, meaning that their information is accurate, comprehensive, and marked-up so that they show up wherever consumers are searching. This improves search visibility and streamlines the purchase process, allowing potential customers who have landed on a local page to more seamlessly click to call or email and engage with the individual agent that meets their needs. 

Tranquilidade also leverages Yext to provide correct and consistent brand and agent information across key third-party sites like Google My Business, decreasing listings confusion — commonly caused through acquisitions and agent transitions — and also improving search performance. 

With optimized agent pages that surface in local search results — and allow potential customers to seamlessly click through to book appointments — Tranquilidade is able to efficiently drive more leads to their local agents.

“Yext is great for us in two ways: It helps us meet our objective of driving search traffic to our agent pages, and it also improves our relationship with our agents, because it makes their lives easier and their business better. Now we’re satisfying our two audiences — our end customer, and also our partners and our agents.”
André Taxa Head of Brand & Communication

The Results

Tranquilidade first launched with Yext in 2017 to enhance the online profiles for their 400+ agents, creating over 6,000 listings across the Yext network. They then deployed Pages for their individual agents in May 2017 to add consistency and optimise for local search. As a result, they’ve seen a critical impact on visibility and customer engagement with a substantial growth in clicks, leading to an increase in leads. 

This growth is particularly evident in customer engagement. As of July 2019, Tranquilidade experienced 70% YoY growth in Clicks on their agents’ listings since launch in 2017. This included 94% growth in direction clicks, 40% growth in website clicks and 71% growth in phone call clicks. 

The Difference

“With Yext, we can meet our customers wherever they are looking for information about our brand. New customers frequently start their searches online, with a search engine, and with Yext, we know that they can find us there,” Taxa says. “But even if someone is already a Tranquilidade customer, they might do price checking — or run a simulation on our website. Through the integration with Yext, we know our customers can find the information they need — and that it’s easy for them to find the right agent page and connect with that agent, no matter where their search started.”

“With Yext, we know our customers can find the information they need — and that it’s easy for them to connect with the right local agent, no matter where their search started.”
André Taxa Head of Brand & Communication
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