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Google Merchant Center Product Connector

Pull your products into the Knowledge Graph with this Google Merchant Center Product Connector.

Transferring all of your product details into the Yext Knowledge Graph is now easy with the Google Merchant Center Product Connector. This connector will pull in all of your products, along with important details around shipping, price, size, and availability. These entities will be saved as products that can power your Yext Pages and Answers experiences, seamlessly connecting Google Merchant Center with your Yext platform.

Any time a product is updated on GMC, the data connector will run to update information in your Knowledge Graph, ensuring that all your product info will be up to date.

NOTE: Follow the instructions below carefully to download the app. If you skip step 1, you will get an error when trying to download this app.

  1. Download the Google Merchant Center Fields app prior to downloading this app:
  2. Return to this page and click install
  3. Following the instructions, log into the account associated with your Google Merchant Center page.
  4. Authorize Yext API endpoints.
  5. Your connector will automatically run!