Guestfriend - Deprecated

A chatbot for restaurants using Yext to answer guests' questions on Web, Google, Facebook & Text

Guestfriend leverages the knowledge you store in Yext to automatically create a personalized virtual assistant (chatbot) for your restaurant(s) that instantly answers your guests’ questions on your Website, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Alexa and Text. It builds itself in seconds and automatically updates when you make updates in Yext. With Guestfriend, you will never miss a customer request, and you can capture more reservations and high-value leads, save your staff time, and provide accurate information to your guests. Customize the responses and get notified by text any time a guest asks questions on topics you care most about, while the assistant helps your guests 24/7.

Users must have the Yext Starter Package or higher. Yext for Food is automatically supported to show menu items and images.

  1. Let us know the name of your restaurant and your contact information at
  2. When you receive your login information by email, follow the link in the e-mail to set your password and login.
  3. Log into Yext through Guestfriend to authorize it to access your Yext Knowledge.
  4. Authorize the chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Google with one click. Copy our code snippet into the head section of your website.