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Octane AI Store Finder

Sync your Yext data to Octane AI to help increase sales through Facebook messenger marketing

Octane AI helps ecommerce businesses increase sales and profits through Facebook Messenger marketing. Octane AI concierge bots enables stores to recover abandoned carts, answer common customer questions, and send marketing campaigns over Messenger. And now, with Octane AI Yext integration, it can automatically deliver location and store information to customers through conversation.

The Octane AI Yext app combines the Yext knowledge engine with Octane AI’s leading bot platform. The app enables businesses to deliver nearby store locations automatically to their customers via Facebook Messenger.

Customers can find nearby stores by providing either their location or a zip code to a business with an Octane AI bot. The result is a list of local stores, sorted by distance. Octane AI’s store finder also provides directions to each store in Google Maps.

Detailed description of what specific data is being synced, and in which direction:

  • We are pulling store location data using the Live API. We do not send anything back to Yext, we only read store data. This is being used to find stores located near a customer.

Necessary subscriptions in order to use the app

  • You must first have an Octane AI account. If you launch without having an account there is a link to request a demo in the login screen someone can use to get in touch with us. You can also go here for the same thing.

Installation Instructions

  • Once you have an Octane AI account, you install Yext from the Yext app page.

  • It will let you choose the bot you want to add Yext to, then it will automatically add it to the account.

  • You can choose where you want the Store Finder to be, details on that here:

  • You can filter out specific stores, details on that here:

  • You can customize the store not found message, details here:

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