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Maximize your Paid Search targeting in real-time with location data by syncing Sentic and Yext.

Sentic is the next generation of automated Bid Management to Paid Search. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Sentic captures all relevant real-time data from sources such as social media, breaking news, weather events, reviews, and inventory levels to power more granular, predictive bid optimizations. Now with the Sentic app for Yext, you can maximize your Paid Search ad targeting even more with precise location data by syncing Sentic and Yext.

The Sentic app for Yext makes it easier than ever to align updates and changes to your store-level data directly to your Paid Search campaigns, allowing for unprecedented levels of locality, targeting, and personalization across all search engine ad networks.

Manage and optimize campaigns across every network with the Sentic App for Yext:

  • Import all data stored in Knowledge Manager, including your Listings, Reviews, and Analytics data directly into Sentic
  • Track + execute bid optimizations based on popularity and sentiment of breaking news, social media conversations, and external trends at and around the local store level
  • Automatically align keyword bidding strategies to local store inventory levels, ensuring your customers never land on out-of-stock product pages

To install this app, you’ll need a Sentic account as well as a Yext account to accurately merge location data. (If you haven’t already, you can create a new Sentic account once the app is installed.)