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Sync your Yext locations to TimeTrade to Drive Appointment Bookings

TimeTrade Enterprise Edition is the world’s most widely deployed online appointment scheduling software for medium to large organizations. TimeTrade’s unique scalability and flexibility makes it easy and fast for organizations to engage with their customers, clients or prospects.

The TimeTrade Scheduler App and Yext work together seamlessly. As a Yext customer, you can sync the locations you store in Knowledge Manager with TimeTrade for quick and easy on-boarding. All location-specific pages can instantly be enabled to provide appointment scheduling, making it easy for customers to connect to your business.

Grow your business with appointment-driven conversations. Let customers book appointments at their convenience, via mobile devices, voice, text, web or your customer-facing app. With TimeTrade, be confident that the complexity of matching customers’ needs to the right resources across multiple locations will be fast and frictionless.

•	Appointment rules that meet your business needs. Smart Matching technology with Appointment Routing and Dynamic Availability ensure the appropriate resource will be matched to each appointment, by pairing your customers with the employee best qualified to meet their needs. Booking timeframes, appointment limits, and cancellation policies can be accounted for with easily configurable Business Process Rules, allowing you to quickly adapt your appointment process to changing business needs.

•	Convert Google searches to scheduled appointments. TimeTrade connects with Reserve with Google to allow customers using Google Search or Maps to make bookings with local businesses. Convert more web and mobile searches to scheduled appointments in your stores and branch locations. TimeTrade is unique in the ability to connect hundreds or thousands of retail or financial banking branch locations to Reserve with Google at scale.

•	Complex scheduling simplified. TimeTrade’s powerful solution adapts to the unique needs of your booking process, yet it is simple for customers to use. The configurable appointment flow prompts customers to select their preferred location, appointment type, desired time, and provide their contact information.

•	Show real-time availability. Personal and work-shift calendars and other required resources are continuously monitored and take into account personal calendar activity happening outside of the TimeTrade platform, so staff won’t be double booked. Each scheduled appointment is automatically placed on the appropriate calendars, along with pertinent details.

•	Seamlessly route appointments to the right resources. TimeTrade conducts a high-performance, real-time query of availability across locations and resources to schedule each customer appointment for the right place at a convenient time. Smart Matching also aligns each appointment request with the employee best qualified to help the customer based on selection criteria including skill and topic.