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Waze Ads Syncing

Sync your Yext location data to Waze so that your Waze ads are always up-to-date

Waze Ads, the Waze advertising platform, enables businesses to reach nearby drivers on the Waze navigation app. Your ad can alert drivers that your business is nearby, marking your location on the Waze map with important info like business address, hours, phone number, and deals. With the Waze Ads Syncing app, Waze advertisers can now automate the process of sending their Yext location data to Waze Ads. Once the app is installed, Yext will automatically send a file with your business’s location data to Waze Ads on a weekly or monthly basis. Your Waze ads will therefore always be powered by the most up-to-date information!

To use the Waze Ads Syncing app you will need an active Yext account. You will also need to be an active Waze advertising partner. This app is currently available for Enterprise customers only.

In order to install the app:

  1. Before installation, create a custom field in your Yext account of type YES/NO and set this custom field to YES on all locations that you wish to sync to Waze ads.

  2. Send an email to your Waze Account Manager to inform them that you will be installing the Waze Ads Syncing app. The email must include your Yext Account ID.*

  3. Navigate to the Waze Ads Syncing app in the "Apps" tab of your Yext account and click "Install"

  4. Click "Install on Yext" and enter your Yext credentials to authorize the app.

  5. You will have the option to add an email address that will be cc'd on the data feeds being sent to Waze.

  6. Confirm that the custom field in the app configuration page matches the custom field you created in Step 1.

  7. You will also have the option to select any custom fields that you would like to use as "Location Tags" for the Waze ad campaign.

  8. Click "Save".

  9. If you wish, you can click "Sync" to kickstart the data syncing process immediately. Otherwise, data will begin syncing on Monday the month following installation.

  10. Your Yext location data is now being sent to Waze!**

*Note: Waze will not enable the app for clients who do not complete this step.

**Note: This is not a real-time integration. Waze will need to process the location export file before you see the data reflected in your Waze Ads account.

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