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Do you have more than one location for your business? Add businesses and locations in bulk to Google My Business with Yext.

The Google My Business (GMB) API creates a new way for businesses and platforms to get information about their locations into Google Search, Google Maps, and ads. Location owners now have more control over how they appear to customers in search, which improves the consumer experience by delivering more accurate and comprehensive information. With GMB, businesses can add and claim locations, edit listing information such as opening hours, clean up closed and duplicate locations, and more. Businesses with 10 or more locations now have the option to become bulk-verified through GMB by following a few easy steps.

Bulk verification is the process through which a business is deemed eligible to make updates and add new locations without undergoing additional manual verification (i.e., postcard/phone verification). This means that some new locations or updates will be live on Google within hours.

To become bulk-verified, a business must have at least 10 locations in their account of the same business only and must fill out a six-field form, which includes:

  • Contact name

  • Contact phone

  • Contact email

  • Business brand name(s)

  • Business countries

  • Google AdWords account manager, if applicable

To become bulk-verified:

  • Visit the GMB Locations dashboard

  • Click the verification icon in the top right corner

  • Complete the verification form with the contact information

  • To expedite approval, use a contact email with the same domain as the business website

Once you submit the form, a team of people at Google will review the information provided and the data in the account to make sure that the business is eligible for bulk verification and that the contact person is a legitimate representative of the company. They will also verify that all or a subset of your locations exist at the address and phone provided. This can take anywhere from one to several weeks. Want more tips on how to manage your GMB listings through Yext? Check out The Yext Guide To Google Business Profile.

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