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Creative Click Media uses Yext to help small business compete with large brand competitors

“Yext makes our lives easier by offering a comprehensive set of services all in one place. One of the many reasons we love Yext is because everything we need is on one dashboard, saving us countless hours, dollars and headaches.”

Adam Binder, Founder

What problems do your customers come to you to solve? How does Yext fit into this picture?

Most of our customers come to us asking to rank high on Google. They understand that times have changed and SEO has become a necessity to reach potential clients and establish their authority online. Yext allows us to manage local listings quickly, enabling our clients to perform better in local search results.

What are the benefits in being visible online?

Having an online presence allows a small business to be “open” 24/7. Being found is critical in today’s digital marketing landscape because consumers are flocking online with high purchase intent. Being found in a custom search results page is key, where only the top results are going to generate the most traffic.

We have a client that recently upgraded their location to a larger building with more space. One of their biggest concerns was getting their business’s new address updated across the internet because they had occupied their past office for so long. Luckily with Yext, all was updated in under 48 hours. The transition was quick and easy. It went off off without a hitch.

How do you educate your potential clients about the importance of local search?

We have the local listings tool embedded on a page on our website that shows and highlights a company’s NAP (name, address, phone number) listings. Together with the client, we enter in the appropriate information and let the results speak for themselves. As the data populates, we give an honest recommendation to the client and educate them about how Google views incorrect listings, and about the possibility of future incorrect duplicates. After addressing any concerns and challenges, we present Yext, which will take care of those issues in just a few days.

How were you managing listings before you worked with Yext? How does that compare to what you can do now with it?

Prior to Yext we were using a software that would search the internet for potential listings. However, it required a small fee to populate a business’ information onto those directories this software pulled up. We started using Yext in 2015, initially to improve our own local SEO, and we were so impressed with the results that we decided to add it to our arsenal. It was a great decision, and has proven to be incredibly useful in boosting our clients’ SERP results  as well. Yext has provided a more time efficient and cost-friendly management platform than this previous method of managing listings.

What Yext products do you use and what features have been most impactful to your customers? Can you provide examples?

Listings and Analytics have been the most helpful in providing a wide variety of solutions for our diverse client base. Duplicate suppression has had the biggest impact, especially with our clients who have changed their name, location, phone number, or other contact information.

As for the analytics available in Yext, we have found the searches to be most helpful. We present this to a client because it grabs data for all the listings. It goes way beyond Google Analytics & Google Search Console, because those only track one website at a time. Yext Analytics allows us to present more data that will establish their online presence.

When it comes to duplicate suppression, we had a landscaping client that had changed their location, as well as the name of their business, but kept the same phone number. It was a mess trying to update years’ worth of digital knowledge! Yext was able to find the duplicates and allow us to suppress the old listings.

What benefits does it provide to you as an agency? What does it allow you to do for those customers?

As an agency it provides us with an extra service to provide to our customers. We used to offer Yext as an add-on feature, but we recently decided to include it with all SEO plans because it helps bolster our SEO efforts and provides great value to our clients .

What are your KPIs? What sort of results have you seen from Yext, and how do we help you show that return on investment to your customers?

Listing Profile Views & Google Views on Search & Maps are our top KPIs. The clean dashboard and analytic filters allow us to present our clients with data beyond their Google Analytics. Impressions are key and the Yext dashboard allows us to monitor impressions, reviews, and most importantly, clicks across multiple channels.

What actions are you able to drive from the dashboard? How does it power other things you do to support your clients?

The dashboard is helpful because it allows us to break down the data for each individual location of a business. Is this business thriving more on mobile than desktop? What days of the week are most people searching for this business?  Being able to answer these questions using the dashboard helps us detect patterns and trends to best determine when and where we have the greatest likelihood of reaching a business’s target audience.

What do your customers think of Yext?
Our customers love Yext as much as we do! The benefits have been almost immediate on our client accounts, and we’re always eager to show them the positive impact Yext has had on their digital knowledge. We know moving to a new address can be a local SEO killer when not handled efficiently, and Yext has been a literal business saver to our clients who have relocated.

As another example, the majority of our clients have to make changes to their hours of operation around the holidays. Most business owners don’t have the time or patience to deal with this type of minutiae, and it would be very time-consuming for us to manage them one at a time. Yext makes this tedious process much easier because we can schedule these changes in advance from one centralized dashboard.

Most agencies use Yext to help their customers to be found online. But in addition to that, you’re using it to market your own business. Can you tell us more about that?

Our business has grown exponentially over the past five years, and we have moved a total of four times across three different locations.. Yext has enabled us to preserve our local rankings, eliminate misinformation, and keep our customers up to date quickly and effectively.

Looking ahead, tell us a little about your business philosophy. What do advances in intelligent search technology mean for you and your customers?

Yext’s Intelligent Search Tracker looks exciting to implement for our customers. We can use that platform for an add-on service to our clients. The ever-changing features at Yext parallel our business philosophy, as we’re always looking to adapt and offer new services to grow/expand our business. Partnering with Yext has been phenomenal not only for us, but for our clients who rely on us to keep their accounts up-to-date and running smoothly. The world of digital marketing is always changing, and we’re thrilled to have a great partner like Yext to keep us on top of our game in an industry known for its fluidity.