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jameda and Yext give doctors better visibility on over 40 online portals

““With the help of the Online Presence Manager, we support physicians and healthcare professionals in managing their online presence on more than 40 portals conveniently and easily in the jameda customer area and in maintaining the completeness and reliability of the data.””


Most people today find doctors and information on treatment options on the Internet. Often, an appointment is then made directly via this channel as well. The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated need for medical advice, remotely, have further strengthened this behavior. For many, jameda, Germany’s largest doctor-patient platform, is the first port of call. Since its founding in 2007, the platform has pursued the goal of guiding patients to the right doctor and healthcare professional. Currently, around 275,000 doctors and other healthcare professionals can be found via jameda. To this end, the company regularly focuses on product innovations and special services. At jameda, patients can find the right contact person for their needs among all registered doctors in Germany. To help them, jameda features the recommendations of other patients as well as the information provided by the doctors. Making appointments directly via the platform and then visiting the doctor via video consultation are also reasons for the company’s continuing success. Across Germany, more than six million patients use the platform every month.  

Nevertheless, not all patients begin their search on the jameda website. According to a representative Yext study, 61 percent of those surveyed specifically head for search engines in their search for a suitable doctor (1). They expect accurate, complete information and direct contact with the best healthcare expert.

Accurate and official information across all relevant touch-points

jameda has been working with Yext since March 2021 to improve the visibility on the Internet of doctors and healthcare professionals listed on jameda. The new Online Presence Manager of jameda, which was created in cooperation with Yext, acts as a kind of central data interface. Doctors and healthcare professionals listed on jameda can automatically transfer the practice information of their existing jameda Premium profile to 40 online platforms thanks to the Yext integration. The information includes addresses, contact details, consultation hours, the possibility of booking jameda online appointments, but also the respective specialty of the doctor or healthcare professional. In addition to the jameda platform, this information can now also be found via search engines, navigation services, business directories, social media platforms and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa. Only platforms that have a jameda integration were considered.

“Doctor searches and appointment bookings are increasingly taking place online. For this, professional entries on and online business directories are essential – both for patients looking for a suitable doctor and appointment, and for doctors when approaching desired patients,” says jameda CEO Dr. Florian Weiß. “With the help of the Online Presence Manager, we support physicians and healthcare professionals in managing their online presence on more than 40 portals conveniently and easily in the jameda customer area and in maintaining the completeness and reliability of the data.”

In addition to healthcare professionals being able to strengthen their visibility online, patients also benefit: thanks to the integration and increased online visibility, they receive improved access to medical care as well as reliable and accurate data when searching for a suitable expert. The completeness of this valid information provides the basis for a free choice of doctor, strengthens transparency in the healthcare market and ultimately promotes a successful doctor-patient relationship.

“Especially now – during COVID-19 and the associated uncertainty, when symptoms arise, many people are looking for a doctor on short notice, and they expect correct information. This expectation makes it increasingly important to be found online with consistent and official data,” said Luis Baptista-Coelho, Executive Vice President, Global Partner at Yext. “With the integration, we give physicians the opportunity to present themselves even better online. At the same time, we’re creating additional digital touch-points for patients.”

Digital footprint is strengthened with little effort

The transfer of practice information to the relevant digital platforms is automatic and means no further effort for the respective physicians. “After all, physicians want to take care of their patients, not manage their online presence in detail,” argues Luis Baptista-Coelho. In addition, with Online Presence Manager, physicians receive even more detailed performance measurement and can track the development of their online presence. For this purpose, Yext offers individual reporting that displays key figures on impressions and profile views.  Doctors and health professionals can thus track their visibility on the Internet even better.

Regain authority over your own information

 Authority over one’s own data on the web also plays an important role in the Yext integration: “Doctors often don’t know which websites have an entry for their practice. Often enough, they have not even created it themselves. This is usually accompanied by a loss of control over the online data that patients use in their searches,” explains Baptista-Coelho. This makes this information particularly prone to error and is done at the expense of patients. In the worst case scenario, patients face closed doors due to incorrect online information. This negative experience can lead them to avoid the practice in the future. With the Yext integration, physicians regain control over their online data and can centrally manage information on the web via jameda. In addition, Yext places algorithmic protection on the entries so that they can no longer be changed by third parties.

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