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Mockingbird Marketing Helps Their Lawyer Customers Drive More Leads by Having Their Knowledge Optimized For Search

“The legal industry is increasingly sophisticated about all things online marketing-related, and I frankly couldn't service the legal industry — which has an increasingly sophisticated level of knowledge about all things online marketing-related — without Yext.”

Dustin Curtis, SEO Writer

“Mockingbird uses Yext to literally get our clients in front of their prospects by emphasizing the factor most important in selecting a lawyer — location.”

Conrad Saam, CEO of Mockingbird

How would you summarize your business in a sentence?

Conrad Saam, CEO: We function as a VP of Marketing for law firms, handling anything and everything they need to drive business online.

What problems do your customers come to you to solve?

Conrad: Our clients care exclusively about driving business, and digital knowledge and local search are extremely important to that goal.

43% of people select their attorney based on proximity — not by the diploma on the wall, the sheen of the mahogany desk, or the Lexus in the parking lot — but by how geographically convenient the lawyer is.

Why Yext? Take us back to when Yext came into the story. How did you find out about us, and what business challenge led you to partner with us?

Conrad: I had our two brand new college graduates manually managing individual directory listings across thousands of lawyer addresses because I wanted them to truly understand the nuances of managing directory listings. One day, one of them sheepishly approached me with, “I think I found this tool that is going to help us.” Enter Yext. Because of this hands-on experience, we have deep understanding of what automation can do, as well as its limitations. Oh, and we now spend about 90% less time managing listings.

Dustin Curtis, SEO Writer: The legal industry is increasingly sophisticated about all things online marketing-related, and I frankly couldn’t service the legal industry — which has an increasingly sophisticated level of knowledge about all things online marketing-related — without Yext.

What do advances in intelligent search technology mean for you and your customers?

Conrad: Changes in search, along with the hypercompetitive nature of the legal marketspace, mean that we constantly have to be on top of technology. One of our edicts is “Explore Cutting Edge; Rely on Tried and True.” Using local search as an example, the consistency of our name, address, and phone numbers (NAP data) is the foundation of “rely on tried and true.” Too many lawyers chase the latest greatest shiny object — Meerkat, geofencing, Pokemon Go litigation — without understanding what really drives their business.

Our VP of Marketing mindset means we help clients define their cost per client by marketing channel, i.e. how their marketing effective is. The fact that very few law firms have a grasp on this basic, simple business metric goes to show just how far the legal industry has to evolve in optimizing their marketing budgets. This also means that as an agency, we know which tactics are most cost-effective at actually driving business, from SEO to Adwords, Retargeting, Social Media, email, etc. In that context, it’s very telling that we utilize Yext with every client, every month.

What Yext products do you use and what features have been most impactful to your customers?

Dustin: We use both Listings and Reviews religiously. Among Yext’s many awesome features, Duplicate Suppression and Review Monitoring are our biggest assets.

On Reviews: Our clients often aren’t aware when they receive a new review (positive or negative). It’s great to show them we’re actively monitoring their online reputation and offering advice, like how to respond to a new negative review when necessary.

On Duplicate Suppression: If you’ve ever had the unfortunate task of removing a duplicate listing manually from an online directory, then you know how frustrating it can be. It’s often an annoying and unclear process that is ultimately futile. Yext’s duplicate suppression tool does the heavy lifting for us, so we don’t have spend precious man-hours working directly with support to get a duplicate removed.

On Categories: Most directories and data sources provide a very limited number of categories for the legal industry. It can be difficult for our clients to accurately portray their legal practice areas. Oftentimes, you have to settle for “Criminal Law” or “Family Law” instead of drilling down to the specific area (e.g. DUI, Divorce, Child Custody, etc.).

How does Yext help you to show results for your customers?

Conrad: For us it’s all about our clients driving clients — and there’s a very simple correlation between a successful local campaign leading to website traffic, which in turn leads to inbound inquiries at a rate of about 4% per hundred sessions.

Any final thoughts?

Conrad: I have nothing but praise for Yext’s people. As a digital marketing agency, we work with vendors every single day. More often than not, those vendors make our lives more difficult. Not Yext. Our account team is always responsive and looks for ways to help make our job easier. They take the time to fly to Seattle and present new features in person. They go above and beyond.