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Yext and Shore strengthen the digital presence of small and medium-sized businesses

“Yext complements our existing product portfolio perfectly", says Philip Magoulas, Co- Founder & Managing Director of Shore, "It’s very important that the correct information is visible online, even for smaller companies.”

Philip Magoulas, Co- Founder & Managing Director of Shore

Our customers love their profession and strive to provide the best service possible every single day. Whether they cut hair, repair cars or manage a restaurant for a living – they feel real passion and enthusiasm for what they do. On the other hand, they all struggle with a zillion unpleasant tasks like documenting business processes, accounting and other administrative burdens that keep them from putting their passion at the center of their daily work. We make sure that they can focus on the single reason they open their businesses every single morning: making their customers happy.

Our cloud-based software comprises a range of apps for appointment and customer management, employee scheduling and professional marketing. Designed to help our customers simplify their business processes, increase their efficiency, and improve their service, it’s most prominent features include an online booking function, automated appointment reminders, a customer database, and an online shift planner.

To benefit from all the advantages the digital world offers, companies first need to strengthen their online presence. After all, most customers nowadays search for service providers on the internet. However, the broad range of search engines, online maps, and social media make it nearly impossible for small businesses to have all relevant company information in the right place at the right time. Yext helps us meet this need. Thanks to Yext, our customers can manage all public company information on a central platform and update it with just one click.

We highly appreciate the personal contact with the Yext team, as well as our friendly and uncomplicated collaboration. They are always available, take ample time for us, and their technical advice and support is absolutely flawless.