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Surefire Local Defines the Next Level of Local Marketing with Yext

“The ability to provide any client with one view of its entire digital footprint with the Yext API is huge.”

Chris Marentis, Founder & CEO

Surefire Local was founded on the idea that local businesses and enterprises with a national to local presence can win in digital marketing by paying attention to two key factors – recency, and proximity. Proximity is particularly critical today and made more possible with the extreme adoption and usage of mobile devices.

With the growth and proliferation of digital marketing options, Surefire Local focuses on helping clients demystify the internet to drive foot traffic. “Local business visibility today depends on implementing a coordinated campaign across many channels and platforms within channels,” says Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO. “Our Marketing as a Service (MaaS) solution is designed specifically for hyper local marketing for both small businesses and multi-location national brands,” he continues. “Small businesses often find it overwhelming and frustrating to assimilate all the changing platforms, integrate them, and implement a coordinated cross-platform campaign,” he explains. “Brands with large networks have difficulty coordinating national and local campaigns.”

Surefire Local partnered with Yext in early 2015. “The Yext partnership allows us to offer our customers an easy way both to get their businesses listed across important local directory sites and also to make changes to their business information from one centralized dashboard,” Marentis remarks. Surefire Local’s deep understanding of local listings’ value and the important role that they play in the digital ecosystem has further enhanced the Surefire-Yext partnership. “Many of our clients often forget that managing directory listings is critical to their local marketing,” observes Marentis. “Having all this data and real-time updating capability together in one place keeps the value we deliver top of mind.”

In addition to using Yext for PowerListings, Surefire Local has used the Yext API extensively to integrate directory data, publishing, and reputation monitoring into its platform. “The value of the Yext API and its ability to provide our clients with one view of their entire digital footprint is huge,” states Marentis. Surefire Local is incorporating Yext’s API to launch its SurePulse Digital Marketing Control Center to give local marketing consultants and agencies the ability to deliver the value of integrated data, analytics, and monitoring to all directories. “In fact,” he continues, “we would not be able to embark on this new venture without Yext.”

Reflecting upon Yext’s partnership and customer service component Marentis says, “The Yext support we get is at least an 11! We have enjoyed a great relationship and can say that one year into it, growing our business alongside Yext has been a wonderful experience.