PowerListings details for Citysearch

Citysearch is the leading online local guide that enables consumers to stay connected with access to neighborhood restaurants, bars, shopping, beauty and professional services across every zipcode in the U.S. when you are on the road. Citysearch offers mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Palm.

PowerListings Features

PowerListing Placement:  Citysearch.com search, Citysearch.com profile

Basic Listing Info:  Add categories to your listing.

Special Offer:  Highlight your business listing with a bright green icon and up to 50 characters of custom text.
Change the Special Offer message and it will update on the site within four hours.

Enhanced Content:  Add a website, photos, and business hours to your Citysearch profile.

Tracking:  See the total number of clicks on your business listing.

Restrictions:  PowerListings on Citysearch.com are not available for CityGrid paying advertisers.

PowerListings Live on Citysearch

PowerListings Live on Citysearch

PowerListings Live on Citysearch