PowerListings details for Local.com

Local.com is a top U.S. website that attracts approximately 10 million visitors each month seeking information on local businesses, products and services. Powered by the company's Keyword DNA and patented local web indexing technologies, Local.com provides users with targeted, relevant local search results that include special offers from local businesses, user reviews, local businesses' website links, maps, driving directions and more.

PowerListings Features

PowerListing Placement:  Local.com search, Local.com profile

Basic Listing Info:  Update your business name, phone number, and address.

Special Offer:  Highlight your business listing with a bright green icon and up to 50 characters of custom text.
Change the Special Offer message and it will update on the site within four hours.

Tracking:  See the total number of impressions and clicks on your business listing.

PowerListings Live on Local.com

PowerListings Live on Local.com

PowerListings Live on Local.com