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Superpages.com® is the local search destination for millions of consumers looking to connect with businesses. From contractors to dentists to dry cleaners, Superpages.com® has nearly 17 million listings, along with maps, coupons, reviews and more. Plus, it's the only site with the SuperGuarantee, a free-to-consumer protection program that gives you peace of mind when hiring eligible service providers. Superpages®, were wherever you are & in the book, on your phone, online, and in the mail.

PowerListings Features

PowerListing Placement:  Superpages.com search, Superpages.com profile, Superpages.com map, Switchboard.com, Switchboard.com profile

Basic Listing Info:  Update your business name, phone number, listing categories, and address.

Special Offer:  Highlight your business listing with a bright green icon and up to 50 characters of custom text.
Change the Special Offer message and it will update on the site within four hours.

Enhanced Content:  Add a business description, hours, and photos to your Superpages profile.

Tracking:  See the total number of impressions and clicks on your business listing.

Additional Sites:  Any PowerListings on Superpages.com will also appear on Switchboard.com.

Restrictions:  Listing content will not update for paying Superpages.com advertisers.

PowerListings Live on Superpages

PowerListings Live on Superpages

PowerListings Live on Superpages