PowerListings details for Yelp

Yelp is the leading online user-reviewed local business directory, with over 41 million users a month. More than just local search, Yelp is a social networking site where its members share their favorite recommendations. Yelp's members have written over 15 million reviews for local businesses.

PowerListings Features

PowerListing Placement:  Yelp.com search, Yelp.com profile, Yelp mobile search, Yelp mobile profile

Basic Listing Info:  Update your business name, phone number, listing categories, and address.

Enhanced Content:  Add your business description and website, as well as business hours and photos, to your Yelp profile.

Restrictions:  PowerListings on Yelp are not available for businesses with over four locations.

PowerListings Mobile

PowerListings Mobile on Yelp

PowerListings Live on Yelp

PowerListings Live on Yelp

PowerListings Live on Yelp