App Directory

Connect the Yext Knowledge Graph with the systems across your business.


Provide AI-backed conversational experiences with a bot powered by Yext knowledge.

Pypestream is a customer engagement solution, helping enterprises establish a trusted direct to consumer relationship. We provide two-way persistent connection via private messaging with AI-backed conversational experiences, or “pype”. Pypestream digitally transforms and automates customer service, marketing & promotions, and business to employee engagements across a variety of industries.

The Pypestream app integration enables enterprises to have a conversational experience (chatbot) on their website. Yext knowledge, including address, business hours and phone numbers, is powering the location data that the bot is leveraging to answer questions.

Adding additional functionality to the experience (like integration with other back-end systems), is available via our customer experience team that will be happy to assist as well as enable your own personnel.

Once subscribed via the Yext App Directory, a knowledgeable Pypestream account manager will work closely with you to build your personal Pype and configure your bot with Yext.

The Pypestream conversational experience will need be added to your website as a web widget by your web master. Installation guidelines and app credentials will be sent via email.