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Put trackable phone numbers in every Yext listing

Measure the Impact of Phone Calls from Online Listings
Phone calls are important to the local customer journey for most businesses. It’s extremely valuable for marketers to know how many calls they generate to each location, what happens on those calls, and their impact on sales. DialogTech provides you with those insights and more.

How It Works
The DialogTech call tracking app enables Yext users to insert trackable phone numbers into your online listings. You can easily synchronize your tracking phone numbers across every location listing within a single interface. You can also automatically create and assign new numbers as new listings are created, reducing the chance of having incorrect — or worse, no phone numbers — displayed.

Benefits of Tracking Calls with DialogTech
When consumers call those numbers, DialogTech shows you which listing drove the call, if the call was answered, how long it lasted, and if the caller converted to an appointment or customer.

DialogTech also records and transcribes the contents of every call to every location. You have complete access to what happens on each call. Plus DialogTech provides marketing tools to help you analyze the caller experience and performance of employees on calls. These insights enable you to help locations make the right improvements to convert more callers to customers.


  • To install this app, you’ll need a DialogTech account, as well as a Yext account.
  • This app creates a new custom field, with the prefix DialogTech