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Promote your Yext-powered events by syncing them to evvnt's targeted publisher network.

evvnt are the leaders in online event marketing. Using evvnt gives you access to our network of 4,000+ global event listing sites, maximising your event’s visibility. The evvnt app in the Yext App Directory allows you to connect & import your Yext location’s event calendars to evvnt.

Installation Guide
Step 1: Install the app
Step 2: Select your first calendar to import
Step 3: Login to evvnt or create a new account
Step 4: Import your events!

Installation Requirements:

  • Need to have at least one event calendar set up in Yext
  • Need your calendars to be associated with a Yext location

You don’t need to be an existing evvnt account holder, you can create a new account during the app setup