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Connect the Yext Knowledge Graph with the systems across your business.


Sync your Yext Listings data to instantly create an amazing and responsive website.

The Hotfrog Website App, powered by Hotfrog owner Moboom’s proprietary web-building platform, allows businesses to import and sync data stored in the Yext Knowledge Engine™ into the Moboom platform. This instantly helps businesses build a modern, customisable, mobile responsive website utilising their own data.

It is an easy to use website builder, with beautiful templates and thousands of happy customers around the world.

These high quality, yet inexpensive websites, are secure on Amazon’s AWS servers and are Google-friendly and searchable.

If you do need a hand, a Hotfrog design expert is on hand to help you do it at no extra charge.

We can even instantly build one for you to show you what your new website could look like.

To activate the Hotfrog app, simply click the “Install” button at the left. You will be asked for permission to access your Yext listing information. Please grant access so we can present you the websites we built for your listings.