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HubSpot Review Generation

Fire Up Your Fans and ask the customers you manage in HubSpot for a review.

HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing, sales, and CRM platform that gives you a comprehensive view of your customers, including how to reach them, their activity history, and previous communications. And with the Yext Review Generation App for HubSpot, you can utilize this information to unlock your true rating online.

The Yext Review Generation App for HubSpot makes requesting reviews even more seamless by syncing the customer contact information you already store in HubSpot with Yext. If you’re already using Yext Reviews to actively manage your ratings online, each time a new lead is added in HubSpot, the Yext Review Generation App for HubSpot will trigger a review request (via the method of your choice: email or SMS) if the lead is associated with a Yext location.

Sync HubSpot with the Yext Review Generation App for HubSpot to #FireUpYourFans, and give every customer the opportunity to provide an authentic review about their experience with your business:

  • Connect your customer contact list in HubSpot with Yext’s Review Generation feature
  • Seamlessly associate leads with locations already stored in Yext
  • Send an email or SMS requesting a review to be sent every time a new lead is captured

To install this app, you’ll need a HubSpot account and a Yext account with a subscription to the Ultimate package.


  • This app makes HubSpot API calls on your behalf and will contribute to your daily API call limit.