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JRNI Location Importer

Sync your Yext locations to JRNI to drive appointment bookings.

In an era where companies struggle to harmonize digital and in-person interactions, JRNI is bridging the digital-physical divide. The JRNI platform unifies digital to physical customer journeys across all channels, through appointments, events, and queueing management. JRNI drives value by increasing revenue, customer loyalty, and Customer Lifetime Value.

JRNI and Yext work together seamlessly to keep your location data up to date. As a Yext customer, you can sync the locations stored in Knowledge Manager with JRNI for quick and easy onboarding and maintenance. Yext Administrators will choose which locations to import and update, while the app will always show which are in sync and out of sync.

Let Yext remain the source of truth of your location data, while JRNI Location Importer keeps the information in sync.

To install the app you will need to be a JRNI customer and subscribe to the Yext Base Package.

– A dashboard of key location data
– Status indicators for each location show if data is in sync between Yext and JRNI
– Simple import of locations from Yext to JRNI
– Simple capabilities to update changed location data from Yext to JRNI

Installing the app
– Install JRNI Location Importer from your Yext Admin Console
– Open JRNI Location Importer
– Authorize JRNI Location Importer to give it access to the Yext Account
– Log into JRNI Location Importer using your JRNI credentials