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Sync your Movylo Featured Message to streamline your offers, customer engagement, and lead capture.

Movylo is a one stop customer engagement solution for local businesses, in particular salons and restaurants, to:

  • Manage and grow their customer lists
  • Create loyalty programs for their customers
  • Send unlimited promotions to customers via email, SMS, social, etc.
  • Drive in-store and digital payments
The Movylo App for Yext distributes Movylo special and loyalty offers to the Yext PowerListings® network on all Yext publisher partners that support Featured Message updates. This distribution helps businesses utilizing the app to generate leads and drive digital and in-store conversions. 
Movylo can be used in “autopilot” mode, in order to deliver results with minimal manual effort, which can be offered as a managed service.
Make more sales, every day, without lifting a finger.