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Enhance your NinjaCat client reports with targeted location data from Yext

NinjaCat is the reporting platform of choice for the world’s leading agencies. It helps you win new clients and transform existing customers into raving fans with automated reporting, campaign- and budget-monitoring, and call-tracking through integrations with all of the popular PPC, Display, SEO, Social Media, Call Tracking, and Reputation Channels. 

The NinjaCat-Yext integration allows you to bring in data from Yext—like clicks-to-call, recent reviews, and location searches—and visualize it alongside more than 750 other data sources. To install the app you will need the Yext Professional Package or higher and any level of subscription to NinjaCat.

Connecting Yext to NinjaCat is simple:

  1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of NinjaCat. Then click Setup > Data Sources > Add Network. Click Connect under the Yext icon.
  2. In the same browser window but under a different tab, log in to the Yext account you’d like to connect.
  3. Go back to the NinjaCat tab, type in a unique name for your Yext Network under the description field, and click Add Network.
  4. To complete the connection and gran NinjaCat permission to your Yext data, click Approve.