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Meet compliance, eDiscovery and records management requirements with your Yext Pages.

PageFreezer helps organizations with the complex task of electronic records management. With so much data being generated across websites, social media channels, and collaboration platforms, keeping accurate archives of it all that can be difficult.

We help by offering solutions at every stage of the information governance lifecycle: creation, retention, management, and disposal. PageFreezer provides a single comprehensive solution that archives information in real-time, and gives organizations a simple and effective way to search and use collected data. Essential for organizations in regulated industries, or subject to open records, PageFreezer makes archiving your data a breeze.

Are you changing your Yext pages frequently? Use PageFreezer to capture records of the past versions of your Yext pages. Are you seeing lots of engagement on your Yext sites? Use PageFreezer to capture the comments.

The PageFreezer app integration enables a Yext customer to capture and archive their website to meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements for record keeping. The app will sync your website’s sitemap from Yext into PageFreezer, and PageFreezer will crawl your website daily and keep a live replayable record of your web pages and activity on them including videos, comments, and all changes and edits.

The PageFreezer app is available globally to customers in all channels. Any PageFreezer customer with a Yext Pages subscription can utilize this integration.

To install the PageFreezer app from Yext:
– Click on the PageFreezer app in your Yext account and click “Install”
– You will be taken to the PageFreezer log-in page
– Log in to PageFreezer with userID/Password
– You should see a screen saying “Connect with Yext?”
– Click “Yes”
You’re finished! Verify your website settings and select ‘Integrations’ on the left side panel. The Yext integration should say ‘connected’.