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Proofpoint Social Patrol

Enhance protection of your Yext Pages by monitoring their URL's through Proofpoint.

Proofpoint Social Patrol provides real-time protection and compliance supervision for branded social media accounts across all major social networks. Use our patent-pending technology to detect account hacks, lock down compromised accounts, remove malicious content, control connected applications, prevent phishing, and reduce compliance costs.

This application exchanges data between Social Patrol and Yext in two areas: 1) It places a Patrol Install Link into a custom field for every location stored in Yext. 2) It pulls the Yext locations into Social Patrol so joint customers can monitor them alongside their social media accounts.

To install this app, you must have log-in access to the Proofpoint product. From within the product there are three steps: 

1) From the Patrol > Accounts page, click on Manage Install Configs and create an install config that enables Protection. 

2) From Settings > My Info – click on the Yext logo and go through the authorization process with Yext. 

3) From Settings > External Apps – in the “Yext Integration” section, select the install config you created previously.